The Arts Journey

Creating TheArtsJourney was inspired by reflecting on the fascination with and attraction to Italy experienced in earlier times by people from other countries: the ‘Grand Tour’ could not have existed without Italy; indeed, it was precisely Italy where, amongst others, all sorts of writers, artists and intellectuals, and scions of European aristocracy availed themselves of this unique experience. Italians and, above all, the sights found in the landscape and nature of Italy, have spoken to many generations of other European countries, enabling them to paint, write, philosophise, walk and meditate.

TheArtsJourney enables contemporary artists, writers and intellectuals to follow in the footsteps of important figures of the past, allowing them to discover the places visited by earlier poets, novelists, painters, architects and musicians who captured a special light in their paintings, or the special atmosphere of a sunset over a lake, or the singular fragrances of our beautiful land. TheArtsJourney allows you to join painting tours with important contemporary artists, or write alongside eminent writers, or even record travel journals together with specific intellectuals acting as guides to particular Italian regions.

TheArtsJourney project includes special tours in Italy and the rest of Europe, and includes exclusive entry into palaces, manor houses, artists’ houses and studios, and museums, access to which is not normally available through specialised tours or recorded on general maps. Our strength lies in the exclusivity of the routes and the professionalism of our partners, directed and supervised by a specialised team of experts from the various fields of art, literature and music.