Jane Austen’s gardens





Watercolour workshop by Silvia Molinari

9 -10 November, 2019

15-16 Februar, 2020


A watercolour course dedicated to the English countryside and the parks of its ancient mansions, protagonists of Jane Austen's novels; divided between the refreshing wilderness, characteristic of the formal garden, and the sunny shrubbery, its informal evolution.

The garden as a source of inspiration but also of comfort; the place of refuge and shelter. The protected space where to escape, think and write.

The workshop dealt with oak and beech branches, old and wild roses, reddened hydrangeas, cyclamens and many berries taken from life in beautifully composed bunches. Like at the entrance of a manor in Surrey.

The Austenians garden, especially for some female characters, is not just a piece of land that produces flowers, fruit and vegetables. A place where the soul, in the grip of restlessness and tumultuous sensations, finds serenity and relief.

In the different situations experienced by the heroines of her novels, the garden takes on a privileged role, the place where the crucial events of the stories take place and where the protagonists make the decisions.

In collaboration with  Elite Viaggi - Vicenza

The workshop was accompanied by Winsor & Newton, the watercolour producer par excellance, which provided selected material for this special occasion and Borciani and Bonazzi, a high quality brush company, which gave participants a selection of their products.

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 Silvia Molinari


2017 07 12 SG Silvia intro


Silvia Molinari was born in Piacenza in 1976. She graduated in decorative techniques from the  Paolo Toschi Institute of Art in Parma. She lives in the countryside of Emilia-Romagna, in a house surrounded by fields and the rhythms of nature. Her artistic career includes the study of and experimentation with various pictorial disciplines, but it is through watercolor that she best expresses her talent.

The combination of the simplest elements (water, pigment and graphite on paper) are, through her technique, the best means of interpreting the subjects she loves to capture: shrubs, vegetable scraps, leaves and wild flowers that seem to have slipped on the white paper a moment ago; she is deeply interested in weeds, those tiny and tenacious heroines of the third landscape synthesized by Gilles Clément. Her watercolors begin with elbows on a windowsill, rummaging in drawers, collecting things, walking, perhaps getting lost.

She is the author, together with the writer Alessia Napolitano, of the book "Il Cosario", published by Edizione Corsare (2016), for which she created the illustrations. She also made the illustrations of "Prendere il Volo", a text coming out for the Topipittori publishing house, written by the author Marina Marinelli.

From the many exhibitions, personal and collective,  which she has taken part: in 2011, the Venice Biennale in the regional headquarters of Emilia-Romagna, invited by the journalist Camillo Langone, who then selected her for the "Excellent Painters" portal; Affordable Art Fair in New York and Milano; in Tokyo, at the Ginza 1 Chome Gallery, with the San Francesco Gallery in Reggio Emilia; JCO Gallery, Park City - Utah. 

Silvia illustrated the agenda Gardenia magazine for the years 2011, 2017 and she will be the author of year 2020.

She created the works that animated the National Assembly of LIPU in Parma, the scientific convention "Birds In Europe 3" with a urban artistic event, a project curated by Kreativhouse studio. Also for LIPU she illustrated the book dedicated to the recognition and conservation status of birds in Italy "Conoscerli, Proteggerli".





  • ACQUERELLI - Salamon & C. Gallery, Milano  - curated by Lorenza Salamon
  • FIORI IN OFFICINA - Officina dell'Arte, Piacenza


  • MADE IN ITALIA - Ginza 1 Chome Gallery, Tokyo - collective exhibition curated by David Parenti and by the Galleria San Francesco of Reggio Emilia
  • PRIMOVERE - Castello di Felino, Parma - curated by Camillo Langone
  • C'ERO SOLTANTO - Bookbank, Piacenza - curated by Elisa Bozzi


  • DEMETRA ANESIDORA - Modena - curated by Alessia Napolitano


  • AFFORDABLE ART FAIR - Milano - collective exhibition curated by Galleria d'Arte Il Lepre
  • BINARIO UNICO PIACENZA - ROMA - Palazzo Incontro, Roma - collective exhibiton curated by Galleria d'Arte Il Lepre


  • AFFORDABLE ART FAIR - Chelsea, New York - collective exhibition curated by Galleria d'Arte Il Lepre


  • BIENNALE DI VENEZIA - Palazzo Pigorini, Parma - curated by Camillo Langone 
  • ERBACCE - Galleria d'Arte Il Lepre
  • GENERAZIONE CASSANDRA - Perino, Piacenza - collective exhibition curated by Zeroarte


  • ACQUERELLI - Villa Necchi Campiglio, Milano - curated by Gardenia Cairo Editore


  • DENTRO, FUORI - with the photographer Lucia Covi - Piacenza
  • UN ATTIMO PRIMA, UN ATTIMO DOPO - Surimono, Milano


  • ACQUERELLI - ZEN, Milano - curated by Zen Arte


  • ... E ANCORA PRIMAVERA - Treviso - curated by Maddalena Dal Sie


  • MESSER TULIPANO - Pralormo (TO) - curated by Consolata Pralormo
  • FLORA ET POMONA - Galleria Salamon & C., Milano - collective exhibition curated by Lorenza Salamon


  • KIMONO -  l'Acquaforte Gallery, Torino